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lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

Módulos KYOCERA 210w pasan prueba del TUV Rheinland sobre durabilidad a largo periodo

Proving the high quality and reliability of Kyocera‟s modules

KYOCERA Solar Modules Certified by TUV Rheinland after Passing Independent „Long-Term Sequential Test‟

Kyoto / Neuss, 24 January 2011 − Kyocera Corporation announced today that its solar modules are the first in the world to have passed all "Long-Term Sequential Tests" performed by TUV Rheinland Japan Ltd, who independently evaluates quality and reliability of solar modules. The company had announced interim results last October, but now announces the full certification of the testing.

The company’s conventional 210-watt solar module was the test subject, and has proven to maintain a constant level of power output throughout the rigorous testing — which compared to standard industry testing methodology evaluates modules over a longer time period.

"Data collected from three large-scale solar power plants in Spain and Thailand show that our modules are performing at an approximately 16% higher power output level than the installers’ own original estimates," stated Tetsuo Kuba, president of Kyocera Corporation. "TUV Rheinland’s test results further prove the high quality of Kyocera modules, and we will continue to ensure the long-term reliability of our products through both internal and external evaluations in the future."

The Long-Term Sequential Test evaluates modules with four sub-

tests: Damp Heat, Thermal Cycling, Humidity Freeze, and Bypass Diode. These test the module’s overall performance and quality by putting it under harsher conditions than those standardized by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Furthermore, while conventional testing dictates that a separate individual module be used per sub-test, the Long-Term Sequential Test carries out all four sub-tests on the same module, thereby evaluating it under conditions closer to those a product faces over its actual lifetime.

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About Kyocera

Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, the Kyocera Corporation is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fine ceramic components for the technology industry. The strategically important divisions in the Kyocera Group, which comprises 213 subsidiaries (April 1st, 2010), are information and communications technologies, products to increase the quality of life, and environmentally friendly products. The technology group is also one of the largest producers of solar energy systems worldwide.

With a workforce of about 63.000 employees, Kyocera posted net sales of approximately €8.59 billion in fiscal year 2009/2010. The products marketed by the company in Europe include laser printers, digital copying systems, microelectronic components, fineceramic products and complete solar systems. The corporation has two independent companies in the Federal Republic of Germany: the Kyocera Fineceramics GmbH in Neuss and Esslingen and the Kyocera Mita Deutschland GmbH in Meerbusch.

The company also takes a lively interest in cultural affairs. The Kyoto Prize, one of the most prominent international awards, is presented each year by the Inamori Foundation, once established by Kyocera founder Dr. Kazuo Inamori, to individuals and groups worldwide for their outstanding human achievement (converted at present €435.000 per prize category)


miércoles, 19 de enero de 2011

Sovello amplia la garantía de sus módulos de 5 a 10 años

Los módulos fotovoltaicos de la empresa Alemana Sovello amplian la garantía de sus módulos de 5 a 10 años, tomando efecto a partir del 1 de enero de 2011para todos los módulos de Sovello X-series y Sovello T-series.
Los módulos fabricados con la tecnología String-Ribbon doblan así la garantía actual de fabricación que tenían.

Vico Export distribuye los módulos Alemanes de Sovello desde el 2010 con una previsión de distribución para el 2011 en 20 Mw.